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She couldn't utter a word or sound out of the cries she had earlier. Susu scoffed, "Yeah, that's right. Cat's got your tongue, didn't it? If you're that great in pleasing men, you should work at a bar or strip club. It'll stack up for the debts that your family will soon be in. Remember, just because we are from the same family, you can never be me because you were born from the other woman's womb."


"Pain? Then what about our Susu's pain? Did you think meals come with free fruits? You did something like this, so you should have expected a price. Handing you to the police is too unsatisfying, so I'll help send you to hell instead." Lily rolled up her sleeves and prepared for a nice round of skinning a bitchy face using a mini blade.


Their kisses were strangely addictive. From rough, possessive kisses to soft, nibbling pecks and the passionate tongue teasing ones; their desires only dived deeper. Once their lips separated, they leaned against each other and gasped for air. Her eyes were blurred, and the setting no longer mattered to her. Every reason and excuse that she had to stop herself from kissing this man had flown out the window.


She nodded, "Yes, but she wasn't the one who told me. I found out by accident, and it's too long of a story to tell you what happened right now. Since you've already gone this far with diagnosing the pill that she is taking, as a legendary genius in the medical field, I believe you are more knowledgeable than me of her body condition."


"Really? So wifey is all happy now?" His hands reached up to hold hers against his cheeks and a smile formed on both their faces.


Susu was in deep slumber and the more they tried to wake her up, the more she struggled with strong fists clenching on her blanket.

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"Fine. I'll be logical then. Firstly, my darling only accepts appointments and you two barged in here like hooligans. Then, you refused to leave the company unless you get to speak with him today. After spitting out pointless things trying to save your business, you even pushed me out as the safe card? What is there to discuss to begin with if you were the only party who wanted to talk about this?"


Kitty's eyes widened in shock as she heard her own moans and saw the video that was spread online. The username was her real name with her social media selfie as the user image. Every video that had been uploaded in twenty different websites didn't have any blurred squares, so her face was exposed.


Zi Yan's voice choked a little when she opened her mouth to interrupt their loving moment. "Is there anything we could do while you two are gone? Like a tracking device or something?"


Chen Mu nodded as if he had expected it, "Who else would disrupt you guys like that? But mom.. and dad.. I did what I had to do. I couldn't just stand back and watch Susu get hurt. You guys watched her since she was young too. You two knew how she was struggling throughout childhood in that family. I told you guys everything!"


After leaving the hospital, Chen Mu, Lin Que and Zi Yan followed Ariana and Chen Nan back to their hotel suite to pack the necessities for their dangerous mission. They didn't pack any clothes. Instead, they dug through their luggage to look for weapons that are small enough to hide in their regular outfits and are easy to carry around.


Ariana sighed, "the man who came tonight didn't mean to fight me physically. He already left. We used to be on the same team when accepting and performing missions. Suddenly, he decided to leave us and follow some old baldy. I don't know what was with him, but he left just like that and wouldn't tell me anything when I asked."


Before I processed that the past relationship was an abusive one, my brain was only processing the words that he would say to me and undermine me as a human being. I had low esteem and confidence, but things went very much better. It was a difficult time to get through, but like an old saying goes, there is always a rainbow after a rainstorm. And the day will get brighter.



"Dear, let me warm your left hand up. Let go of your shoulders for a little bit, alright? We'll use the blanket to cover that spot if you're feeling cold." Susu was reluctant to let go of her own shoulder even when Lily tried to persuade her.



"No problem and good luck with your hunt down. Let me know if you can't trace the assassin." Ariana handed the phone back to Susu and resumed her typing on the laptop. Lily and Susu shrugged when they exchanged glances at each other. For the remainder of the call, Chen Mu was reminding Susu about things that she would normally forget. Near the end of the call, he told Susu that he would be back the next day to check up on her.


"Even if I tell you this now, you may not believe it. I need to show you something first. Hold out your hand." Susu opened her palm and exposed the rose that was in her left hand. Zi Yan reached into her bag and brought out a box. From the box, she took out a green stem with a tiny leaf on it.


Susu giggled and showed Chen Mu the group chat she had with his parents. He buried his head on her shoulder, "how did buying fruits get this... this curved??"

  • Professor Luo Xia sighed deeply, "It's a pity that you weren't able to submit your application on time that year. I personally invited you to join our Academy because of how talented you were when it came to designing clothes. The uniqueness and boldness in your designs capture the aspiration of many. At first look, it may seem like any simple piece, but once someone wears it, it brings out their dreams."
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